Version 1.9.2

Download latest version as ZIP file with single executable (.EXE)

  • IEDigest .NET2 version ( Windows XP x86, Windows Server 2003 x86, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008)

  • IEDigest .NET4 version ( Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2)
    (this version runs on all other systems as well if .NET4 has been installed)

Speical .NET2 release  for Windows XP x64 and Windows Server 2003 x64

  • IEDigest .NET2 version ( Windows XP 64bit, Windows Server 2003 64bit )
    (this version will run in 32Bit mode and hence being able to get correct module list of 32Bit Internet Explorer)


  • at least Windows XP
  • .NET Version 2 or above

Change log

Version 1.9.2 ( 29/09/2016 )


  • Added new policies from Windows 10 Anniversary update ( 1607 )
  • Added some new warnings
  • Added some registry-keys which belong to Microsoft Edge ( beta )

Version 1.9.0 ( 10/11/2015 )

  • FIX
    • Issue with special characters in file properties
  • Features
    • Added support for Windows 8.1
    • Added support for Windows 10
    • Updated policies
    • direct HTML output for reports

Version 1.8.0 ( 10/05/2013 )

  • FIX
    • Issues with incomplete/wrong group policy list
    • Major issues with policy data collector comparison
  • Features
    • Changed naming of compare report
    • Optimized view of policy information available in both reports

Version 1.7.0 ( 17/04/2013 )

  • FIX
    • Issues with incomplete group policy list
    • Special x86 version of IEDigest for Windows XP x64 and Windows Server 2003 x64. If you are using x64 version of IEDigest on those systems you might get incomplete module list
  • Features
    • XML stylesheet – All lists are now in alphabetical order
    • XML stylesheet – non-Microsoft components are now separated
    • XML stylesheet – IE only policies are now separated
    • XML stylesheet – Additional information for each group policy

Version 1.6.5 ( 18/03/2013 )

  • FIX
    • The .NET2 version was debug enabled and caused issues on localized systems

Version 1.6.4 ( 18/03/2013 )

  • Added support for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7
  • Added some more warnings

Version 1.6.3 ( 01/03/2013 )

  • FIX
    • Issues if archive has been renamed manually
    • Issues with archives created with older version of IEDigest
    • Compare tab settings are no longer resetted when switching between tabs

Version 1.6.2

  • FIX
    • Issues with reading REG_MULTI_SZ keys from registry
    • Changed file version of IEDigest.exe


Version 1.6.1

  • Output
    • Press and hold SHIFT while clicking on "Create report" lets you choose a folder as save location
    • New setting "Always use 'save as' for report". Enable this for being asked everytime for output location
  • Compare
    • ZIP archive can be directly compared. No need to extract them any longer!
  • Bug fixes
    • zoomlevel detection
    • Changed bogus warning message

Version 1.6.0

  • Output
    • Complete redesing of XML stylesheets for highly improved layout. Stylesheets are using Internet Explorer 8 standards mode for improved rendering performance
    • IEDigest folder will be automatically created on desktop
    • There is only one single report for all data except .reg output file
    • Report includes already used addons by Internet Explorer
    • Report is now zipped by default including all data and stylesheets
    • Report got new naming including date, time and process ID
    • Default browser has been added to system information
    • Added Windows 8 policies with new location of Group Policy Search (GPS)
    • Added new warnings and adjusted recommendations
  • User interface changes
    • Home tab has been simplified
    • Removed refresh button. Settings will be refreshed each time you choose home tab
    • Drag&Drop support for compare tab
    • Initial directory for comparing external XML files is now IEDigest folder on Desktop, if available
    • Report names are now fixed in compare stylesheet view
  • Comparing
    • Added "Skip common differences". Following  information will be automatically removed from difference report:
      – Date
      – UpgradeTime
      – SavedLegacySettings
  • Settings
    • All application settings are now stored in XML file if the IEDigest folder is still available on desktop when app is closed
    • Settings can reset to default

Version 1.3.0

  • .Net4 version available which runs on Windows8 out of the box
  • Improved and fixed listing of loaded modules
  • several bug fixes for malicious registry values
  • changed default settings. All reports will be generated by default and no auto-open is preselected
  • Awareness of IE10 enhanced protected mode ( 64Bit process )
  • Changed naming of log files
  • Update version of IE is available for easy up-to-date checks ( security update )

Version 1.2.0

  • Detailed proxy information. You will only see those setting which are defined by the proxy flag.
  • Highlighting of 3rd party DLLs in XML output file
  • Fixed issue with non EN regional settings
  • Fixed issue with bogus entries in registry
  • Smaller UI changes

Version 1.1.0

  • Added IE default compare (!!)
  • Registry keys which should be included in output file can now be changed with external XML file
  • File and registry collectors can be disabled
  • Fixed script errors for XML style sheet
  • Minor changes to UI
  • XML style sheet can be used for IEDiag output

Archive ( .NET2 only )

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